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We would like to announce our merger-partnership with World Post to provide Broadcast production services for Radio, TV, Interactive Media and Movie Trailers, Industrial work.

The recording studio offers the latest state of the art recording equipment in a professional facility. We use ProTools HD recording with classic microphones, analog pre-amps, compressors, equalizers, and reverbs to deliver top quality sound.

We provide creative audio production for local and global businesses, music, voice, and sound design for TV, radio, advertising, film, software, and foreign language translations. We also work with recording artists,  filmmakers, authors, and voice talent to produce creative projects for TV & Radio Spots, Video Games, Animation, Promos and Trailers, Audio Books and much more.

We offer and encourage free consultations prior to any session to help you, and us, prepare. We’ll help budget your session to best meet your goals.

Contact us to discuss your project. New clients receive ONE FREE HOUR of studio time with first booking.

Happy 2014.

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